September 03, 2004

That safe and secure feelin'

I again regret the lateness of this report, but I kinda have a good excuse. Ya'll all likely know that our incumbent President, George Dubya, was the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention. O' course, durin' the same time period there was bein' shown live on another channel, that final pre-season Dallas Cowboy's game, so bein' the traditional member of human male that I am, I was sittin' with the remote control in my hand, jumpin' back and forth between the PBS coverage of the RNC and the channel showin' the game. Luckily, the channels were right together, accordin' to the remote control, as it skips all the unused channels as it goes up and down the dial, so there was no chance to become distracted by a flash of beauty bein' shown on one of the other channels as I was flippin' back and forth.

Well, about the time Gov. Pataki came around, for some reason, I decided to go lay in my bed to watch the rest of the show. By such time, I had 'bout given up on watchin' the game, as it was already in the fourth quarter and it was gettin' close to time for the President to make his appearance. I got myself comfortable, enjoyed the video shown jes' 'fore he walked out, then here comes Dubya. All of a sudden, I was findin' myself fallin' asleep. I initially attempted to fight it off, thinkin' how unpatriotic is would be for me to fall asleep when the our President was addressin' us all and tellin' us why we should elect him to lead us for four more years, but then I realized jes' how safe and secure I suddenly felt from listenin' to what he was sayin' and determined that it was such warm feelin' that was allowin' me to easily drift off into a sound, restful sleep. Thank ya Dubya for doin' what it takes so that all Americans can sleep soundly tonight.

The navel was rootin' for sleep, all along. It ain't that I think it is pullin' for Waffles the Clown. My take is that it has no actual interest in politics of any sort. End of report.

Posted by Tiger at September 3, 2004 08:09 AM

Yes, my navel is sadly apolitical as well...

Posted by: Susie at September 7, 2004 01:13 PM