September 06, 2004

It is almos' laughable

I finally finagled myself an invite for a gmail account. I could not understand 'zactly why they didn't jes' let anyone have one like hotmail and yahoo handed out. I also failed to notice that I have 6 invites to gmail to give away. Seems they really ain't carin' too much if ever'one has one, as filtered through all of us SPAM hatin' internet users. So, if you can prove you are a real person and smart enough not to end up providin' my email address to ever' spammer in the world by forwardin' ever'thin' ya get to ever'one in your addressbook and are not yourself usin' rampant email as a means to make money or push some cause, and would love to have a gmail account of your own, leave a comment. Leave a good email address, and be sure to write somethin' in the URL box so as to not publicize your email address to all the spiders that prowl ever' nook of the internet on a regular basis.

Posted by Tiger at September 6, 2004 02:35 PM