September 06, 2004

Sept. 5, 2004

OK, I know this review is a day late, and I apologize for such. I see no one else stepped up to the plate here to deliver such, so here is the scoop on this week's strip. First of all, the ratin': APPLAUSE!

In an aptly apropos strip, Breathed gives it to the fat lazy bums who sit 'round on their lazy butts beggin' others for their sustenance who look down 'pon the immigrants who sacrifice greatly in order to get across the river jes' for the opportunity to work. I have long thought it uncanny how many among us forget that this great country was built on the shoulders of wave after wave of new immigrants who came here to do the work that needed to be done at pay scales that were naturally insufficient for the effort expended, but was greater opportunity that could be found elsewhere in the world. Thank you Berke for shinin' a bit of light on the situation on this weekend when we celebrate the American Worker. As seems to often be the case, the American Worker is often a different sort of American.

Posted by Tiger at September 6, 2004 04:38 PM