September 08, 2004

'Pologies do seem to be in order

Allow me to acknowledge the comments by Tony S, a very fine fellow whom I have had the pleasure to meet in person and whom I additionally believe is only one of millions and millions of untraceable aggregator readers of this blog, an' hale mate Ozguru, who methinks makes much ado 'bout my vernacular. It really seems funny how certain posts draw comments, whereas so many much better posts seem to never get any comments. 'Course, if I could figure out jes' 'zactly how anythin' in the blogosphere worked, I might could write a paper and publish it at Into the Blogosphere. Talk 'bout a bunch of unintelligible vernacular --- well, let us jes' not go there, right now. Anyway, tracked it down on a link I found -

OK, free for all. Denita mentioned some distaste with my colliquial euphenisms --- is that the right word? --- and then Ozguru shoots back at me in a comment. Is there some general feeling about such? You will not offend me if you so say.

Now where were we? Oh, that little demon, runnin' like a jackrabbit with a coyote right on his tail, and yet I snared that errant thought. I hereby display it for your further consideration: One of the tenets of my bloggin' efforts I attempt to do is to be as unique and surprisin' as possible. Since ya'll are seemin'ly so eager to offer your comments today, let me attempt to direct the topic of your opinions: Have I succeeded? Is my inanity uncomprehendible? Have I become utterly predictable?

The foregoin' discussion seems to have perked some great interest from my navel, such bein' such absolutely great navel gazin' material. I can somehow envision that any great amount of commentin' here and otherwise will greatly gladden it. I sense it really wanted me to mention such for your consideration. End of report.

Posted by Tiger at September 8, 2004 12:19 AM

Nah mate. I likes the colloquialisms - keep em coming. I was trying to do some of me own in the comments. The way you write comes across as almost conversational instead of stilted formal language.

My observation was that you miscounted your readers....

Keep it up.

Posted by: Ozguru at September 8, 2004 04:07 AM

I have always enjoyed your stuff Tiger. I just read sooooo much in a day, I work and I play with my little son and wife, I simply don't have time anymore to go around commenting on all the things that interest me. So to all that wonder, I'm still watching.

Keep the entertainment coming!!!

Posted by: Tony S. at September 8, 2004 05:52 AM