September 08, 2004

With ever' bit of strength I have

Here I was thinkin' my life was startin' to resemble a soap opera, when the realization washes over me that it is actually a sit-com, with a poorly written script, and I have to play ever' part. You cannot believe how hard that is to do on a daily basis. Things are bound to happen. Today, somethin' did happen. There was some failure along the delivery line and today's script, as written by our highly acclaimed writin' team of me, myself, & I, and such script never made it into my hands, so . . . tonight's show might be a very poorly improvised episode.

I was watchin' History Detectives on PBS and one search involvin' Cesar Chavez when I found myself thinkin' today that someone needs to start a "Let's Stop the Bullshit" march on Washin'ton. It can't be me 'cause I can't lately seem to muster the support to keep my butt off the ground. I would be more than happy to add my thoughts to any discussion as to the definition of "bullshit."

Wow, comin' up with this wacky, funny, zany stuff is harder than I thought. My navel has been of no assistance of any kind. End of report.

Posted by Tiger at September 8, 2004 09:26 PM

I'd like to help, but I have a hole in my rubber boots.
You don't want me ruining my shoes wading through all the BS in Washington, do you?

I should go get some hip waders....

Posted by: Larry Morin at September 9, 2004 04:17 AM