September 09, 2004

'Twere a long day today!

Well, seems like today was never gonna come to an end. It ain't that it was less than enjoyable, or, at least, not all of it was absolutely painful, so-to-speak. I guess, first of all, a'fore I get too far into this melee of verbiage, I need to get to somethin' I done plumb have let go for far too long. Ya'll likely 'member me discussin' how I was startin' a trial this past Tuesday mornin', 'cause I 'member writin' somethin' 'bout it. I also recall that I never let on 'bout my client changin' his mind about tryin' the case when he looked at the people from whom his jury would be chosen. As is oft the case, it was a group of older citizens, the kind that seem to believe in law and order. O' course, I think he might have made a wise choice, as well, although there was some clue from the Victim Impact Statement that the chief witness could have been easily shown to be less than credible, the panel was a frightenin' sight.

So today, I learn that I have to again be ready for another trial on this comin' Monday mornin' and already know I got one on tap for the followin' Monday' mornin', as well, although, that other date might be a whole week off. Tuesday, while I was awaitin' the judge's qualification of the jury panel, my phone was literally buzzin' like crazy in my shirt pocket. Ever'one was wantin' to talk to me. Yesterday, it was much of the same as I was in court in my home burg for mos' o' the mornin' and yet, mysteriously, no one called at all yesterday afternoon, until after office hours, then I got three calls while I was tryin' to treat a massive migraine headache.

This mornin, while I was in court, I received no calls, however, and only got one while in the office this afternoon. I got a little bit of work accomplished, and was glad to have a chance to do such, finally, as I had been quite busy for a long long time. I was fairly worn out by the time office hours were windin' to a close. I was jes' 'bout ready to shut it down for the evenin' when someone walks into my office. I had a client that wanted to pay me the last little bit of money he owed on a case we had completed. I then had to run down to the local high school auditorium for play rehearsal. We are doin' some ol' timey play called "A Womanless Weddin'" that is done with men playin' all the parts. I ain't never heard of it, but seems ever'one else in the world is highly familiar with this production. I got a really cherry part, however, as I play the minister. I jes' got home. I am gonna watch a DVD I bought today at Wallyworld on my way back from court for $1.00. It is "A Farewell to Arms" with Helen Hayes and Gary Cooper. I might have been a part of my Best Picture Winner collection, 'cept it didn't win. It was nominated, so I figgered that made it worth a buck. Now I 'spect I better have a look.

My navel never even got out of bed, today, or, if it did, I never realized it. End of report.

Posted by Tiger at September 9, 2004 08:50 PM