September 09, 2004

Always eager to lend my assistance!

For those of ya'll who don't know ever' $10.00 word in the dictionary like that pompous blowhard, Al Gore, here's a couple of definitions you might look upon a'fore ya go over to Annika's site to see what kind of vile bile he was spewin' forth, outta the same orifice he used to shove his tongue down Tipper's throat in front of ever'one, even, with regard to our current sittin' Commander and Chief, Dubya!

incurious: showing absence of intellectual inquisitiveness or natural curiosity
obsequious: attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery
So's that I don't get berated for crowin' 'bout my own intelligence, I wanna admit that I looked them up myself, jes' to be sure I was right about their meanin's.

Posted by Tiger at September 9, 2004 04:48 PM