September 20, 2004

Here's to a better tomorrow

Today started off really early, like 3:00 am when my stomach decided it was a bit too full of acid and was causin' me more pain than I could stand. O' course, one of the problems with the situation was that I had nothin' to assist in quellin' the problem on hand. I usually forestall any major problem of this type by consumin' an ample supply of Pepcid Complete, but, I had not refilled my supply from havin' run out on Saturday night. The action necessary to rid the stomach of that acid without some assistance by some antacid product is not all that nice to talk about nor of which to be a part, and we shall not further discuss same.

When the neighborhood store finally opened, I was able to get a roll of Rolaids, and after eatin' almost the whole roll over the next couple of hours, I was able to get out of the house. I was afraid I was not gonna be fit enough to face the public, however, so decided today was a good day to take my laptop into Fry's so as to fix a couple of problems. One problem was that I was gettin' random computer commands ever' once and awhile when my hands were jes' restin' while I was thinkin' of which word would be the best to use to communicate what I was tryin' to say. It also was not playin' any sounds, either through the speakers or through the earphone connections.

So, it only takes me somewhere near an hour to get to Fry's in Arlin'ton from where I live. By the time I got there, my stomach was hurtin' again, but I figured it was likely 'cause it was plumb empty and needed somethin' in it. I ate light: a beef burrito at Taco Bueno. I then went across the street to Walmart, a large Super Center store, to get me another couple of bottles of Pepcid Complete. Then to Fry's for a red tape nightmare before all the necessary paperwork was done so that my laptop could be shipped back to Taiwan or wherever it needs to go and was ready to come home with the one I urged them to lend me as was promised when I bought that extended warrranty package.

Thankfully, I have very little user data on that system. What was there was nothing I care about losin', as I pretty well keep the main file I am worried 'bout, that bein' the current manuscript of my book I hope to have published by this comin' Christmas, on my USB Flask Disk. I actually work on that file off of several of my computers. In fact, the only one of my computers I have never done a single modification to that file is the one I am currently typin' on. This is like the oldest computer I have. It is an ancient Pentium Toshiba Laptop. I remember when I was so impressed with the speed of a Pentium. My new laptop is a P4 and there is a notable difference in processor speed. The one in my home office is a fast Celeron, but I can sit here and watch CSI usin' this one.

My navel was very impressed with the amount of patronage ya'll showed despite his absence for almost the whole day. It was achin' to find an opportunity to post somethin' from inside of Fry's, but did not whine too much when no opportunity presented itself. End of report.

Posted by Tiger at September 20, 2004 09:29 PM

Sounds like your navel was fighting off being in zen mode.

Hope you feel better.

Posted by: michele at September 20, 2004 11:41 PM