September 21, 2004

A definite explanantion to an unasked question

As was mentioned in the Navel Gazin' report last evenin', I found that I was gettin' a very healthy share of visitors despite havin' not actually posted anythin' until 'bout the time of the final bell. Well, I have discovered the source of all that visitation. Beheadin's always bring the visitors as I get a really really healthy share of Google search returns on such term. Check out the most popular pages from my last 100 visitors:

Read My Lips (Popular Pages) 21st September 2004

26 Read My Lips: Google searchin' blunders pay off big for some
24 Read My Lips: The insanity continues
12 Read My Lips
8 Read My Lips: Is this what you're lookin' for?

Three of the top four most popular pages all had somethin' to do with the Nick Berg beheadin'. The fourth one is the primary index page which usually tops the most popular page with over 50% of the visitors, likely so 'cause that is the target on most people's blogrolls, as well as those recently updated lists at and

Posted by Tiger at September 21, 2004 08:18 AM