September 21, 2004

Endin' it all up right where it began

Ya'll reg'lar readers likely know I try to start ever'day by readin' my horrorscope. Those of ya'll that ain't regular readers, ought to start readin' more often, then you would have known, as well. Anyway, I did read the followin' horrorscope this mornin' but failed to comment upon it as I was totally without a clue as to its meanin':

Your Tuesday, September 21, 2004, Horoscope, Taurus!

Your need to get a few things accomplished in a short period of time will strain your resources. Fortunately, your imagination takes over with creative solutions. Look to impress a close companion with your improvisational skills.

I do know what it means ---- now, but to tell ya the truth, my resources were strained so badly that I cannot find enough energy so as to fully 'splain how I made such discovery. 'Sides, I 'spect Denita will shed some light on the subject at some time in the future.

King of the heap with regard to my Buddha belly was so pleased to have had a better day than yesterday, it stayed the heck out of my way, all day. If you think on that point for jes' a minute, ya might see how that could actually be possible despite the almos' physical impossibility. End of report.

Posted by Tiger at September 21, 2004 10:53 PM

It means that we Taurus's have put stuff off long enough, so now we have to do it, and it's gonna kill us...but our imaginations will help us, and because we are going to improvise to get the crap done (using our imaginations), we are gonna impress a close companion...that's what I got out of it...and it totally fits me today, LOL

Posted by: Miss Chin at September 22, 2004 09:16 AM

Last May, Kman and I attended a star party at the McDonald Observatory. The nice astronomer that gave the program told us that because of the earth's tilt, the North Star we see today was not the north star that Columbus saw, and that all the zodiac signs have shifted so that if you think you are a Gemini, you are really a Taurus now, and so on. That ought to throw a wrench in the works, huh?

Posted by: Cowtown Pattie at September 22, 2004 11:02 AM