December 21, 2004

Dec. 21, 2004 [A load-o-links special edition]

Well, here we go again with a nice set of links to point out those nuggets of wisdom and gems of humor that I have found here and there through my blog surfin' adventures. All links open in new windows, so feel free to click and read ... the list will be awaitin' your return. Now, for your readin' pleasure, the proprietors of Read My Lips are proud to present:

and, lastly,So, if any of ya'll actually check out any of this stuff, why don't ya jes' give me a holler so's I'll know. We thank ya for your support.


[TINK: email me @ roguegenius [at] gmail [dot] com. I had some information with regard to this post to pass along, but your comments are locking me out.]

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