January 27, 2005

Update of my publication efforts

I contact another agent today. I chose to contact Kristin Nelson because of the compassion she showed to those of us who are lost as to how to get our work into the market:

A Message to Writers: For many authors, writing is a life dream and a passion. I understand the depth and the importance of this. The hardest part of being an agent is when I have to say "No" because I realize what impact that rejection has. Regardless of my response to your query, persevere, believe in your talent, keep your sense of humor, and most of all, write.
I am keeping my fingers crossed and am hopeful that many of you will assist me by clamoring in the comments to see my book on the shelves of your local bookstore. If each and every one of you who would actually buy a copy of Alien Attitudes: Alura Allen, Alien at Large will leave a comment with your commitment to do so, I am sure it will assist greatly should it become necessary to convince someone that this book has commercial appeal.

In case you are not aware of the quality of this piece of work, I invite you to visit the extended entry to read a short excerpt of the material.

Alura wished she had something to read. She was bored and lacked the patience to just sit and stare at nothing. I do suppose I could run though my martial arts exercise routine.

Alura began the exercise ritual, but quickly sensed that she was being watched by unseen eyes. She searched the walls and corners for any sign of security cameras, but found none. She glanced across at the cell on the opposite side of the broad hallway. It was completely dark. Still, Alura felt like there was something in that dark cell watching her. As her eyes adjusted to the level of light in the dark cell, Alura was almost sure she could make out a silhouette of something.

"Is there someone there?" she asked. Something moved in the darkness. Whatever it was, it was staying in the back of that very dark cell.

"Show yourself," Alura called. It moved again, but Alura was still unable to see who or what was in that cell. Oh well, she thought and resumed her exercise routine. She now faced the doorway, however, and continued to watch the dark cell across from hers while practicing her movements.

As Alura danced a martial arts ballet, a discernible shape began to emerge from the shadows of the dark cell. It, whatever it was, crept closer and closer toward the barred door. As its shaped became more pronounced, Alura became convinced that it was something very large.

Alura remained silent, continuing her routine with gaze affixed upon the opposing cell. The silhouetted shape began to make sense. It must be one of those elephant things I saw spirit away the dead lion bodies earlier.

It spoke, asking a question, "What sort of dance is that? I have never seen dance moves like those."

Alura was startled. It speaks my language. She paused her routine and approached the barred door of her cell to address the voice in the other cell. She called across and asked, "Do you speak English?"

"I don't know this ‘English,' lady. I am, however, well versed in the language of the Creators. Are you not a Creator?"

"No. I don't think so. What is a Creator?" she asked, mostly rhetorically. She continued, "I am from Earth. Do you know anything about Earth?"

"Earth? Is it a distant Iftzian territory? I have heard that there are many distant territories on the other side of The Great Water."

"Earth is the name of my world" Alura stated. "I am not from this world," she continued.

"I am not versed in the names of the stars and the worlds that circle them. I am but a lowly Elee. I am called Hor/10 because I am 10th in the line of the Hor clan. Legend say that the Creators made us from the wild animals of Iftz. The Creators exist here no longer, as legend says that the Leonids seized control of all of Iftz and drove the Creators away. The Leonids are powerful and they intend to enslave or destroy all rival forms of life on this world."

"These Leonids are quickly proving themselves to be ghastly beings, but your kind is so much larger and stronger. Why is it that you do not fight back?"

"We may be both large and strong, but we have no weapons. We may be both large and strong, but we are clumsy and stupid. Have you witnessed the devastation that a single Leonid can inflict with a single claw?" Hor/10 asked.

"Yes, I earlier witnessed a Leonid officer fell two of his underlings. With but a single swipe across the throat with one of those claws, those two died silently."

"They killed my own father in such a manner -- right before my eyes. Even the largest and strongest Elee quakes with fear at the slightest confrontation with the smallest Leonid."

Alura remarked, "Those overgrown pussycats don't frighten me! They would never be able to lay a claw on me, I am sure!"

"They do frighten me, however, but my fear will likely not last for long now that my time grows near."

"What do you mean that your time grows near?" Alura queried. "Why have they locked you up? Surely, if you are fearful of them to such an utterly high degree, you are already completely at their mercy. What further can they hope to achieve by locking you away"

"I have violated one of their laws. I acquired a possession. For that, they must make an example of me. I must die."

"Die because you acquired a possession? That is absolutely ludicrous. Whatever do you mean?" Alura questioned.

"You see these?" Hor/10 asked as he moved into the light and put a finger onto the bridge piece of a pair of sunglasses that he, despite standing in absolute darkness, wore upon his huge face.


"These were given to me by an outlander trader as a gift. I was assigned to be his porter and charged with transporting his cases while he moved about Iftz conducting business with the Leonids. When we first met, he removed these sunglasses from one of his cases and laid them in my hand. We were both immediately surrounded by Leonid Security. I was arrested before I could decline his gift."

"That is so ignorant. What's with these Leonids?"

"They are ruthless tyrants. They arrested the trader, as well. It is also violation of Iftzian law to bestow a possession upon an Elee. He is also here in this prison, somewhere. Little short purple guy in a robe. Dik, I think. I do not think they intend to execute him."

"The activity you were watching is a practice routine I use to keep my fighting skills current. On my world, there are forms of fighting in which one only needs the use of one's hands and feet to incapacitate one's enemies, even those with claws, knives, or even more advanced weaponry."

"I think I would like to see an exhibition of your skills. I fear, however, that I shall be long dead before you get a chance to put your skills into practice." As he was concluding his statement, Hor/10 quickly retreated into the darkness of his cell. He exclaimed questioningly "What was that?"

"What?" Alura asked.

"I saw a flash of a very bright light through your window."

Before Alura could respond, a portion of the ceiling crashed onto the floor.

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I'll keep my fingers crossed, hon--I'm so excited for you!!!


Posted by: Denita TwoDragons at January 29, 2005 08:53 AM

Me! Me! Me!

I'll buy some. More if they get signed :-)

Posted by: Ozguru at February 2, 2005 07:51 PM

This looks good - if published I will definitely buy it, but like Ozguru, would want a signed copy!

Posted by: The Gray Monk at February 3, 2005 08:00 AM