September 28, 2005

What would John Hopkins make of this?

Last evening, as I rose from my (couch potato) chair, I felt what I believed to be a major charlie horse in my right calf. The pain was excruciating, making it extremely difficult to walk. Despite such, I made a valiant effort to do so -- thinking it was a simple muscle cramp I could walk off. It should have only been so easy. Next I tried a hot medicated bath, but found relief neither in nor after a long relaxing soak. Thereafter, I applied two topical agents designed to relieve muscle pain without effect. Finally, I just hoped some cessation would follow a good night's sleep. However, I awoke to find myself still hobbled on my morning run to you-know-where. I first thought, having no pressing court dates for today, to just stay in. However, due to a scheduled trial for most of next week, I did have a very lot to do to rearrange my scheduling conflicts for that period. So -- reluctant as I was to do so -- I dressed and pulled on my cowboy boots, prepared to go meet my obligations. I stepped toward the door with my right foot, tensing against the pain that had accompanied every recent attempt, without any such sensation. After walking around all day wearing my cowboy boots, I was, when dressing down for comfort at the end of the business day, able to remove them and again able to walk around my house barefooted. I would never have thought a day's trek in pair of cowboy boots could possibly cure anything. However, I find that, thanks to my boots, I now stand corrected.

Posted by Tiger at September 28, 2005 08:27 PM | TrackBack

I was looking at cowboy boots in a store today... believe it or not, cowboy boots are back in style in NYC... not that I subscribe to trends. I've had cowboy boots for oh, many, many years and look forward to wearing them RSN...

Good to know your boots served you well... I was wondering if you had stretched that leg out after you first felt the pain. I've found it helps sometimes to relieve the pain/cramp/hoo-ha.

Posted by: Cindy at September 28, 2005 11:41 PM