October 05, 2006

Oh my or my -- Tiger actually posted something

Well, been busy of late working with the illustrator we hired to do the illustrations for my soon-to-be published book, already self-published for those of you who were lucky enough to get your copy before I had to cease the sales, due to my contract with my publisher. Also, my day job has picked up a lot lately ... mostly just keeping me stressed out so much. I have spent most of my free time watching movies on TCM or playing Texas Hold'em at MSN gaming zone. As for blogging, I expect that in some time in the future, I might have something to share. Not reading much online, or elsewhere, not connected with either my job or my book, so suppose if you really have some news to share with me, it might be best to drop me an email. The addy is somewhere over there on the left column in a form to fool the address collectors running around out there in the ethernet. Side note to Denita, if she still drops by ... Susan shared the news she found on your blog and we are hopeful you all find your new digs pleasurable and your break from Tinyville as enjoyable as you'd hoped. Anyway, suspect there is very little interest from anyone in knowing much more, so I'll close for now and probably for several days, weeks or months. Watch your blogrolls and the list at Munuvia, never know when something actually gets posted here.

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