August 08, 2007

Relaxed and Well Fed


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What are you gonna do! pass4sureJust made it. I was the 150th prize-winner!,000-011What are you thinking!,000-855That depends.,70-443immature.,000-101I don't like scary and violent movies. There's too much blood and gore.,1z0-042Off the hook.,000-778No class.,000-209Did you see the way she touches him? So affectionate.,640-863You lost.,VCP-310Get off on the wrong foot.,OG0-081An eye for an eye.,642-453Want it badly. I wouldn't miss it for the world.,1Y0-259That's rubbish! It's no like that at all. That's rubbish..

Posted by: Paula142 at January 10, 2009 09:35 PM

Brag. He's bragging. There's no way he could do that. pass4sureChange the subject.,250-365Look out all these girls all over me! Eat your heart out! You're never gonna find a girl who will like you.,HP0-D01Don't bother.,640-721You're not wearing enough. It's cold out there.,000-101What a gossip.,1Y0-731What? I'm right aren't I?,IK0-002What brings you here!,MB7-515You really did it this time!,NS0-163If I'm not mistaken,70-299It's nothing special.,642-533Leave it up to fate(destiny).,642-892What's the big deal!,000-960Pervert! Let's get out of here. There are so many perverts here.

Posted by: Corinna123 at January 13, 2009 02:09 AM