August 08, 2007

Not-so-pacific Pacific

Crashing Waves.jpg

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Who cares! pass4sureLong time no see.,000-M18You go first. I'll catch up later.,000-252What's the big deal!,000-101Don't be so stubborn.,642-453I knew it.,1z0-001You said it. I didn't.,000-443Don't you have anything better to do!,MB7-514See? I told you! It's cold outside. I should have worn my jacket. See? I told you. It's a cold day.,642-444You think I like it like this!,646-223Off base! I predict that we'll finish this project in 2 days. You're way off base! That's impossible.,HP0-436Cat got your tongue?,1Y0-259That's terrible.,642-586Look who's talking?.

Posted by: Lindsay782 at January 10, 2009 09:35 PM

Whatever's convenient for you. pass4sureI heard you.,646-363What brings you here!,IK0-002Excuse me for bothering you.,HP0-J17That's not a good idea.,70-445Sorry to keep you waiting.,70-640Look who's talking?,650-251Who said that? It's not like that at all Who said that? Says who? They cancelled our show.,000-293No such thing.,640-721Say again? Could you repeat that please?,646-003I did the best I could.,70-299You can ease up.,642-586Good things have just begun.,70-270I've got nothing to lose.

Posted by: Maria462 at January 13, 2009 02:08 AM