August 11, 2007

Oh, deer, you're nosy!


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Cut the crap! Bullshit. pass4sureI don't like scary and violent movies. There's too much blood and gore.,000-207Get off on the wrong foot.,000-071What do you do besides eating!,350-030That's not the point.,000-208You can never tell about this sort of thing.,000-330You can do it.,642-892Why are you so scared? I don't bite?,70-432I can't do two things at the same time.,640-460I can handle it myself.,642-481Let's fight one-on-one! leave the others alone. It's between you and me.,640-802That's the way it is.,70-237That company wasted too much time fighting its own.,OG0-081I'm doing it for you.

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