September 27, 2003

What more could I possibly say?

What could I possible say about my navel that has not already been said before. I did find a picture of some gal with a nice body and a great looking navel that I started to put up for everyone to see, but changed my mind. I think I will keep this one all to myself. If you want to see a picture of a pretty girl with a good looking navel, have fun with your search. ;) Whatever you do, do not read the post right below this one. I just put it there to fill space and there really isn't anything more to see, OK? Well, I decided to take a damn look at that navel just to see if there was anything to report, and I see that it looks like that Ninja Spider Mite™ has come back to haunt me, as I see I got some kind of bite just at the top/left area of my navel. Damn Ninja Spider Mite™.

Oh, even though it really doesn't have anything to do with my navel, I picked up a hitchhiker today.

I drove for about 3 hours to go see my brother, his new wife, his baby (my neice MeKayla) and my step-nephew Aaron for a couple of hours, and on the way back, saw this young man standing on the side of the road. He had a t-shirt on with the sleeves torn off and a pretty tight pair of pants on, so I figured he likely didn't have any kind of weapon on him of any size I could not have defended myself from, so stopped and gave him a ride. It turned out that he had had a flat and had been trying to get a ride to a town about 30 miles on up the road so as to let his mother know. I would chide him for not having had a cell phone, but then I don't carry one anymore. I am still fighting with Cingular. [I am not going to explain it right now, search for Cingular if you are interested in that ordeal.] Anyway, I just have not seen a hitchhiker in a long, long time. I was actually delighted to give the kid a lift. It wasn't like I really had anything important to do. He said he had been trying to get a ride for over 30 minutes. I guess no one stops for people anymore.

Posted by notGeorge at September 27, 2003 11:36 PM